What would you say, if I told you I hate the brick sidewalks, in the South End?

Would you say, “I agree with you”?

Or, more likely, would you say, “You’re crazy, that’s what our city’s all about!”

Have you ever walked down one of the side streets, such as West Canton Street, or Dwight Street, and had to stop, to let another person pass by you, because the street is too narrow, and/or the brick is all broken up, because all the trees’ roots are breaking through the sidewalk?

Have you ever tried to walk the streets in high heels (as I have …), or with a baby carriage, or using a wheelchair, or a cane?

You’d be better off hiding at home, in your bed, than to try that.

In NYC, local residents did us one better – they petitioned to get their sidewalks replaced with concrete.

The results? About what you’d expect.

“If you don’t like cobblestones in TriBeCa, live on the Upper West Side,” he sniffed.

Or, to put it in local language, move to Southie.

Complete story: Block on the “Rocks” – By Jennifer Fermino, The New York Post

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Updated: January 2018

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