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This morning, I took a walk down Boylston Street and I noticed a few changes that are taken place with retail shops. I was wondering, how many of these changes regarding commercial retail spaces are due to the residential real estate market?

334 Boylston Street – The building is vacant. This is the site that real estate developers want to build luxury condos. No question this space is vacant due to the residential real estate market.

344 Boylston Street – Tweeter ect. has a going out of business sale and the retail space will be vacant January 2009. Across the street Sasson Salon will be opening up a new location.

364 Boylston Street – Vacant retail space, which at one time was occupied by Home Furnishings.

425 Boylston Street – Vacant retail space, which at one time was occupied by Mattress Discounters.

Corner of Boylston and Clarendon – Vacant retail space, which was at one time occupied by Furniture by Dovetail.

It appears that the furniture industry is going through tough times. Is this because of the local real estate market?

437 Boylston Street  – Vacant. Don’t blame me.

569 Boylston Street – Winston Flowers just closed their doors at this location after being there for 30 yrs. Blame me on this one, I never buy my girlfriend flowers.

709 Boylston Street – Vacant once the home of Restoration Hardware. Should we blame the demise of Restoration Hardware on the residential real estate market? Why not.

745 Boylston Street – Vacant. Liberty Travel just closed their doors in the last few weeks. I saw that one coming, let’s blame this one on the Internet.

761 Boyston Street – Atlantic Fish – Temporarily closed for renovations. With luxury condos just opening up across the street at the Mandarin Oriental……. I guess they needed a face-lift.

The good news is that several new restaurants and gift shops have opened up on the street, thanks to the luxury condos at the Madarin Oriental. These new shop owners will hire sales agents which will of course help the local economy. I think I’ll end here on a positive note.

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