There’s just a small item in Banker & Tradesman on their recent survey of bankers, commercial real estate and other industry types (conducted with Bannon & Co.). The news isn’t half bad: more than 60 percent of those polled thought 2011 would bring “moderate” improvement in the economcy this year. Only 15 percent think it will be worse (the rest think it will be the same).

Other highlights include:

  • 45 percent of respondents forecasting a modest increase in single-family home sales, while 38 percent expect 2011 to be about the same pace as 2010.
  • Nearly 70 percent of financial professional predicted an expansion of business in their own companies
  • About 47 percent of respondents said they expect multifamily unit construction to remain at 2010 levels, and 48 percent said they expected the same for office development construction.
  • Almost 70 percent of bankers predicted an improved economy in 2011.