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Housing markets with higher job creation pre-COVID-19 — particularly in the technology sector — are recovering faster than their non-tech counterparts, according to Weekly Housing Recovery Report. Javier Vivas said in a press release.

“As the market heads into the summer, growth in online home searchers and asking prices has surpassed pre-COVID levels, but movement in supply and time on markets remains well below seasonal pace,”’s Housing Market Recovery Index for the week ending June 13 increased/ This indicates that the U.S. housing market has recovered nearly half of its January 2020 levels. Nationwide, median listing prices grew 4.6% compared to last year, slightly higher than the pre-COVID rate and total inventory was down 27%, potentially pointing to rising buyer interest. However, new listings were down 20%, and houses were on the market an average of 16 days longer than last year.

Looking at local data tells a more complex story, Vivas said.

“Markets with stronger job creation pre-COVID are proving to have the crucial edge for real estate activity, particularly those with a strong technology sector. As more tech companies weather the storm, the stable jobs and incomes they offer will continue to power demand for homes in these areas, enabling home sales to bounce back faster than the rest of the country this summer.”

. The tech hubs Boston, Denver, San Francisco, and San Diego showed strong signs of recovery as well.

Boston’s housing market had a Recovery Index of 106.7, making it one of the eight markets to surpass the January 2020 baseline. It showed a 3.70% increase in its Recovery Index compared to the previous wee



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