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Yes, there was supposed to be a clown at your birthday party. No, he didn’t show up. That’s a bummer.

The question is: how long should you mourn the loss of the clown? How much more of your life are you ready to sacrifice?

The same question confronts many people today. Your vacation trip has been canceled that you looked forward to because of COVID-19.

That’s what happened to someone I know.  But why be sad?

If it doesn’t help, why float in it?

Beacon Hill Apartment Renter

The reason I bring this up, I had a phone call today from a young lady who inquired about a Beacon Hill apartment for rent. I told her I needed to call the listing broker, which I did, only to be informed that they had an application on the unit. I called my (hopefully) client back and told her what the agent told me. She was obviously upset, I told her we have 100’s of Beacon Hill apartments for rent, and more are coming on each day. Not to be sad.

About an hour after the call, I received an email from a Beacon Hill landlord who had a similar apartment, best of all the landlord was going to pay the broker fee.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

If we can see setbacks, as temporary glitches, that’s going to happen to us, they’re easier to deal with when we compartmentalize them.

That happened.

Okay, now what?

Did you miss out on a Beacon Hill apartment for rent?

Don’t be sad. We have over 200 Beacon Hill apartments for rent as of today’s date.

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