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The best cities in the world

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The best cities in the world

Boston, America’s oldest big city, is among the best cities in the world, according to World’s Best Cities’ 2024 ranking of the most desirable cities on the planet. 

Resonance’s World’s Best Cities analyzed more than 270 cities across the globe along three main pillars: livability (including metrics like walkability, bikeability, landmarks, parks and recreation, museums and higher education options) lovability (including culture, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, attractions and internet searches) and prosperity (including educational attainment, labor force participation, gross domestic product, or GDP and poverty rates).

Boston ranked 24th on the list. With a population of 4.9 million, Beantown was also tops for education.

“A hub of higher education and home to the 14th-most educated workforce on the planet, Beantown produces a steady stream of new talent to help attract start-ups and established companies alike,” according to the publication.

And why would it’s home to Harvard University and several other world-class colleges and universities. Boston has more than 76 higher learning institutions with approximately 200,000 postsecondary students “creating stories, ideas, solutions and technologies with global influence. No wonder the city ranks #8 globally for GDP per Capita,” the report says.

World’s Best Cities


If Sigmund Freud was still alive, he would be very proud.

Vienna, capital of Austria and the city Sigmund Freud obssesed over, along with other issues, has been ranked as the nicest city in the world.

Our great city of Boston was ranked 37th, behind Honolulu (29th) and San Francisco (30th). The good news is that we beat the evil empire (NYC), which ranked a sad 47th.

Updated: Boston Real Estate Blog 2023

Byline – John Ford Boston Condo Broker

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