Boston Condos for Sale in 2022


The Boston condo market is changing in 2021 for both buyers and sellers

The Boston condo market is changing in 2021 for both buyers and sellers. This might leave you asking, “When is a good time to list or buy a Boston Seaport condo for sale in 2022?”

For Boston Condo Sellers

In the industry, we often refer to the January-February market as the “sweet spot” for listing because competition is very low and buyers hit the internet to start shopping for Boston condos for sale. This means your house gets more attention during the Winter months, putting the law of supply and demand on your side. By now you want to list your Boston Seaport condo for sale, as the warmer weather is moving in.

Plus, buyers that are actively visiting properties during the Winter are more serious buyers, which means less showings producing a contract, as the chart to the right demonstrates.

For Boston Condos Buyers

Consider bumping up your Boston Seaport condo search before the influx of buyers in the typical spring market. You’ll buy while interest rates are relatively low and before rates start to climb. A win-win! Plus, you can avoid the dreaded bidding war, which still happens in Boston Beacon Hill condos and Boston Midtown condos for sale. Another tip: lock in your rate now since primary mortgage rates are still low.

If the talk of rising interest rates and home prices scare you, remember, mortgage rates are still historically low, and many experts agree that Atlanta is not overvalued or in a price bubble because the economy is so strong, and prices are still affordable compared to many cities.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line in 2021

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