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The cost of Boston condo interior trends for 2023

Every year we read about the new Boston condo fashion trends for the new year. The idea is to get people to get dispose of what they already own and buy something new. Boston condo owners and apartment renters need to make a significant amount of money so that they can keep buying interior fashions for their already too-expensive housing.

We need to rethink this idea. There are over 8 billion people on this planet and how we use our resources matters.

Consider continuing to use last season’s throw pillows and rugs. Gently used items can be donated to various charities so someone else can use them. When choosing colors and designs keep it neutral so that the décor doesn’t look dated a year later.

Whites are out this season but pastels are in find pastel pillows or art work. (But then again, I’m a straight white guy, perhaps I’m not the best to give interior decoration ideas.)

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Boston condo pastels

Boston condos and the bottom line

No, you do not have to redecorate every season or every year. Tasteful décor never really goes out of style. You do not need to redecorate to sell a Boston condo. Consider doing some staging, cleaning, and decluttering instead.

My ramblings for the day.

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Boston condos for sale 2023

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