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As a Boston real estate broker I know its important for me to keep my political thoughts to myself. So I will. As a blog writer, I like to sometimes tell fable stories. So I will.

The Bell and the Cat: Ideas Are Good, But Execution Is Better!

The Story: A family of Mice has been living in fear because of a Cat. One day they come together to discuss possible ideas to defeat the Cat. After much discussion, one young Mouse gets up to suggest an idea. He suggests that they put a bell around the Cat’s neck, so they can hear it when it approaches. All the other Mice agree, apart from one wise, old Mouse. The old Mouse agrees with the plan in theory, but suggests “Who will put the bell on the Cat?”

The Lesson: It is easy to propose impossible remedies. Having lots of ideas is good for problem-solving, but having ideas that work is even better. It is never a good idea to boast about an idea until you know it’s going to work. Remember people want straight-forward solutions, not more problems.

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