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The first key to success

The first key to success. Key in the lock, turn. Enter, wander room to room. It isn’t all as you remembered. It’s actually better!

Pictures have moved – well, disappeared actually. Where’s that sofa – we didn’t think it looked good in the middle of the living room, it was cutting the room in half.

The view of Charles River floods the bedroom. As well as a dip on the hallway floor. Well, it’s an old Back Bay building, we mentally allow for some imperfections.

“We didn’t notice all these details at the viewing. What a wonderful purchase – no longer apartment renters, the first key to success – welcome home.”

Lowe's Nickel Plated #68 Schlage Brass House/Entry Key Blank in the Key  Blanks department at

Where is Ford Realty Located?

Ford Realty is located in 137 Charles Street in Beacon Hill

Ford Realty Inc., Boston Real Estate for Sale

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