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So, they want to extend the MBTA Green Line into Somerville and Medford. (Can we just finish Kenmore Square, first, for pete’s sake?)

I love the idea, as I am a fan of public transportation in general.

Many others love the idea, as well (including a couple of real estate agents I know, who are already advertising their listings with “Coming soon, new Green Line station in Teele Square!”, which is a bit premature, don’t you think?).

Some people, of course, are not so pleased.

While some others are not so pleased that others are not so pleased.

From the Globe:

Medford representatives and residents, meanwhile, were upset about the location of a station platform near Tufts University, which they said favored the school at the expense of residents who oppose the project and don’t want a station in their neighborhood.

I love that. LOVE IT!

“We don’t want the extension to go through our neighborhood, and now you’re punishing us … BY NOT PUTTING THE EXTENSION THROUGH OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!”

Source: A host of gripes greets Green Line plans – By Eric Moskowitz, The Boston Globe

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