This is a story from the New York Times about a Boston University graduate and her sister on the breaking point of renting an apartment

The shower had a “mind of its own,” Dominique said. An attempt to turn the cold water slightly higher would result in an icy blast, or maybe a scalding one. In winter, there was insufficient heat. The wooden floor started to bubble and warp, and the deadbolt wouldn’t stay screwed into the rotted door frame. It was hard to get anything fixed properly.

By spring, the sisters saw rental prices dropping, but their landlord refused their request to reduce the rent by $100. “We didn’t feel we were getting our money’s worth,” Mariah said.

So they pounced when their father, Joe Freda, a builder in their hometown, Sea Isle City, N.J., suggested they hunt for a home to buy so they would no longer have to deal with difficult landlords.

Any Boston renters out there who would like to share their apartment rental horror story?

Read the full story: New York Times

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