The Fenway?


Why not?

Look what you have here. Housing, both old and new. Housing, both rental and condos. Bars and restaurants. Views of parks. Parks to enjoy. Cultural events nearby. A melting pot of nationalities. Plenty of employers nearby, making the walk to work a breeze.

This past weekend, the Globe Magazine ran a long story on what’s going down in the Fens.

Many area homeowners are thrilled at the prospect of luxury high-rise condos coming to the neighborhood – a sure way to enhance quality of life and their own property values.

Remarkably, advocates like Carl Nagy Koechlin of the Fenway Community Development Corporation are also pleased that the developers of residential high-rises have expressed a serious commitment to including affordable housing in their projects (which they are required to do by the new zoning laws). Only higher density zoning makes such a commitment financially viable. This creates a powerful momentum among residents – a group that [Boston Mayor Thomas] Menino listens to very closely – for taller buildings, a momentum that even the charm, clout, and cash of the Red Sox owners cannot stop.

Any future efforts by the team to resize or squash tall buildings it does not own outside of the protection area are far less likely to be successful than they were in the past. [Stephen] Mindich says the Red Sox “have played their hand as far as they can play it.”

Tis true, it seems as though Red Sox management plays “good neighbor”, at least when it is in their own best interest. But, there are other big players in town making their move into the neighborhood, so perhaps the days of the ball club’s owners being chief decision-makers will soon pass, World Series rings notwithstanding.

The article is a good read, if you already live here or are thinking about it.

Source: Seeing Red – By Kris Frieswick, Boston Globe Magazine

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