Actually, in Brookline.

THE JUNIOR DEFENDERS is a high-energy, cult-style comedy about a fictitious 1970s hit TV show. With a fan base that rivals Star Trek’s, The Junior Defenders is one of the top TV hits of the late 1970s. Every kid in America dreams of being one of the show’s crime-fighting kid superheroes. Twenty-five years after the show’s sudden cancellation, a crazed fan named Norman Nields is still obsessed with the show. In his mania, Norman concocts a plan to travel across the country in a stolen Winnebago, kidnapping the four washed-up former child stars from his beloved childhood program. Once in Hollywood, Norman takes over a soundstage and forces the cast at gunpoint to act in his brand-new episode of The Junior Defenders. Stars Ally Sheedy and Brian O’ Halloran.

The film also has cameos by Florence Henderson, Peter Tork, Kevin Smith, Pauly Shore, and … Michael S Dukakis. Narrated by John Waters.

Tickets & more information: Coolidge Corner Theater

Also: The Junior Defenders (official website)

More: Ten years later, made-in-Vermont indie finally released – By John Curran, Associated Press, by way of The Boston Globe

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