We interrupt this blog about Boston real estate to bring you this special President’s Day car-related post: The list of the least dependable cars in the U.S.

Without giving the President’s Day list away, it should come as no surprise that there are some American cars toward the bottom (or top, depending on how you decide to view it) of the non-dependable list.

But what’s surprising is how many Japanese and German cars make the least-dependable list.

Yes, there’s bad news for those of us hoping for a turnaround in the U.S. car industry.

But the fact that the list isn’t dominated by U.S. car manufacturers is in itself encouraging. Consumer Reports has consistently been noting that the overall quality  of the Big Three Automakers’ products has steadily risen over the past decade. The list tends to confirm the trend.

File under: Glass half full. Or American gas tank half full.

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An Update – Report: Detroit is closing quality gap.



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