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The new year and the Seaport condo for sale market

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The new year and the Seaport condo for sale market.

If buying or selling a Boston Seaport condo is your goal for 2024, it’s important to understand today’s housing market, know your why, and work with industry experts to bring your homeownership vision for the new year into focus.

Over the last year, the economy had a big impact on the housing market, and likely on your wallet too. That’s why it’s critical to have a clear picture of not just the market today, but also on what you want out of it when you buy or sell a home. Danielle Hale, Chief Economist at Realtor.comexplains:

The key to making a good decision in this challenging housing market is to be laser focused on what you need now and in the years ahead, so that you can stay in your home long enough that buying is a sound financial decision.

Here are a few things to think through as you define your goals for 2024.

1. Know Your Why

You’re dreaming about making a move for a reason – what is it? No matter what’s happening in the market, there are still many compelling reasons to buy a home today. Your needs may have changed in a way your current house can’t address, or you could be ready to step into homeownership for the first time. Use your why and your motivation as a guidepost in partnership with an expert advisor to make sure your move gives you a lasting sense of accomplishment.

2. Figure Out What Your Next Home Needs To Look Like

You know you want to move, but how would you describe your dream home? The number of homes for sale has grown recently, and that could mean more options to choose from when you buy. But overall housing supply is still lower than more normal years in the market, so you’ll have to work closely with a pro to find what you’re looking for. Just be sure to keep your budget in mind as you balance your wants and needs. The better you understand what’s essential and where you can be flexible, the easier it will be to find a home that’s right for you.

3. Determine if You’re Ready To Buy

Getting clear on your budget and available savings is essential before you get too far into the process. Partnering with a local agent and a lender early is the best way to make sure you’re in a good position to buy. This could include planning how much to save for a down payment, getting pre-approved for a home loan, and assessing your current home equity if you’re selling your existing house.

A Professional Will Guide You Through Every Step of the Process

Buying or selling a home takes expertise to navigate. If that feels a bit overwhelming, that’s normal. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from your goals this year. A trusted expert will help you bridge that gap and give you the facts and advice you need about today’s housing market.

Bottom Line

Let’s connect to plan how to make your Boston Seaport condo dreams a reality in 2024.

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This year will bring the Seaport condo market back to earth, one without the runaway prices and jaw-dropping bidding wars, yet still difficult for anyone but the region’s wealthiest Boston condo buyers to afford.

Economists say home prices are likely to fall or flatten in downtown Boston and across the country. Fewer people will buy homes. Rents, too, may climb far more slowly than they have in recent years, as people stay put.

But Boston’s inequality will remain: Apartment rents and condo for sale prices will remain far out of reach for many Bostonians.

Here’s what I forecast for the year to come.

Seaport condo prices: flat or falling?

The pandemic frenzy is over. After two years that saw home prices shoot up by double-digits, particularly for the new Seaport District new high-rise luxury condo buildings.

image 26
Boston Seaport condos

A recession threatens and interest rates remain high which will both have an impact on pricing on Seaport condominiums.

Boston condo interest rates

Higher interest rates driving higher monthly payments appear to be here to stay. After super-low rates between 2% and 4% earlier in the pandemic, Fannie Mae projects rates will hover around 6% throughout 2023. which should keep Seaport condo sale prices in check.

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