Don’t be embarrassed if you’re confused by the never-ending saga of whether or not a supermarket will eventually be located in a planned $175 million apartment complex at One Canal Street, in the Bulfinch Triangle area that connects the West End, Haymarket and North End.

In the last installment of the saga, Trinity Financial said it couldn’t put a supermarket on the ground floor of its planned development, which would include 320 apartment units.

But now the city and state are basically saying: No supermarket, no development.

So it’s back to the negotiating table for Trinity, which has the unenviable task of negotiating with supermarket chains that know Trinity has to cut a deal or else. Trinity has some leverage if it plays chains off each other. But it doesn’t have that much leverage when everyone knows the score.

File under: Just build the damn apartments

P.S. — It’s kind of funny how everyone ignores the fact that Whole Paycheck Foods has a pretty big supermarket on Cambridge Street. It’s as if it doesn’t count — and it doesn’t count for many people who can’t afford its prices.

P.S. 2- Here is the Herald’s story.