It turns out that Boston — yes, Boston — is the No. 1 city in these United States in terms of “Rides of Glory,” the opposite of “Walks of Shame.”

You might be saying, “Huh?” So let us explain. “Walks of Shame” is a trendy negative reference to how some people have to walk home after a one-night-stand hook-up. But “Rides of Glory” are just the opposite, as measured by  taxi-destination data about how many people get a second cab ride after an initial late evening or early morning drop off in a neighborhood.

The results of this stunning sociological data mining project: We’re No. 1! Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South Boston, South End and the Fenway-Kenmore areas are the “sexiest” neighborhoods in the city, based on Rides of Glory data rankings.

Now imagine: You’re selling your home. You want to close the deal. The potential buyer is balking. So you unleash the killer sales pitch, “Did you know this neighborhood is one of the top Rides of Glory areas in the nation?” It could revolutionize the real-estate sales matrix.

File under: Done deal

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