Here are a couple of questions to ponder while thinking about the proposed Simon Tower, to be built in front of (and on top of) the Neiman-Marcus building, at Copley Place.

* Does Simon Properties, Inc. own all the land, or does the MBTA own part of it?

* Is any of the land over the Mass Turnpike, and if it is, will it be necessary to get the sign-off of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, and/or state officials?

* Is it true, as some have said, that the Back Bay Architectural Commission’s fiefdom ends at Boylston Street, and that it only includes the north side of that street, but not the south side, and if so, do they have any control over what is built at Copley Place?

* Is it true, as some have said, that, the Back Bay Architectural Commission is a “tin-pot dictatordom”? (Not my words.)


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