Brian McGrory of the Globe came out with a “woe is I” column, earlier this week:

It wasn’t all that long ago that people were knocking down walls to move to Boston, people from all over the country, all parts of the world, people who wanted a piece of the culture, the sports, the livability, and overall vitality of the place.

I honestly don’t know what’s gone wrong over the last couple of years, but something clearly has. If you don’t believe me, consider what the Census Bureau said last week. Massachusetts had a larger rate of population loss from 2000 to 2004 than any other state except New York.

People are fleeing, because they’re being given little reason to stay.

… The middle class is getting booted to the exurbs. Next stop: another state.

… How does our governor, the one who wants to leave Boston for Washington, explain this? His spokesman last week blamed the weather, as if the cold and the snow are something new …

… This place doesn’t make it easy on itself. Good God, that’s an understatement. Our governors all want to flee. We regulate to the hilt. We run people through the wringer. We delight in each other’s downfall. We act as if we’re still a mecca when, in fact, we’re a milepost.

One reader’s idea of a solution:

Restaurants stop serving at 10 p.m., bars close at 2 a.m., and subways close before the bars …

… Boston lacks vitality in part because it provides few affordable options for nightlife. To make the inevitable comparison, New York’s well-designed restaurants and bars are packed nightly with 20- and 30-somethings. Prices here are geared to an older, affluent crowd. The result? Many young professionals spend their weekends — and their discretionary income — elsewhere.

Um, okay.

Source: Evidence of trouble – By Brian McGroury, The Boston Globe

Hub shoos away future residents – Letter to the Editor, The Boston Globe

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