Some people think Downtown Crossing works well, as is.

Others think it’s pretty much a cesspool and needs a drastic reworking.

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Earlier this week, it was announced that Suffolk University was going to buy the property at 10 West Street to turn it into a dormitory. Suffolk and Emerson College have pretty much taken over the area, during the past several years. Emerson has released plans to renovate the Paramount (ne, Publix) Theater and build a new performance space, just around the corner, on Washington Street.

I say, let’s go for it. Make Downtown Crossing an “urban campus”.

No one lives nearby, no one can complain (er, except for those who live in the Ritz Carlton Towers, right?). It’s far enough away from the Brahmins of Beacon Hill that they won’t get their skirts up in a bunch.

Promoting the neighborhood to developers would bring in more housing, which would lead to more restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and retail, bringing 24-hour a day activity to an otherwise moribund area.

You heard it here, first!

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