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So, last night was the premiere episode of Bravo’s new reality-TV show (sic), Million Dollar Listing.

I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I hear it got good.

Yes, Brokers Are the Incompetent Skeeze buckets You Always Suspected They Were

Million Dollar Listing started slow. But then conflict kicked in and it became a hoot. It’s not about the listing at all, of course.

This week’s highlights included the glad-handing Scotty Brown, whose moral compass points to the spot that suits him at the moment …

Then there’s the frosted pink Shannon McLeod, trying to sell the house of her icky ex-boyfriend, Jeff … Jeff is a difficult personality type, and the deal falls through …

I’m guessing this show will be interesting to a limited viewing audience: real estate agents (there are over a million of them, I think), shut-ins who’ve lost their remotes, and bitter angry sellers.

Source: Joyce Cohen, The Hunt Grunt

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Updated: January 2018

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