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Boston condo buyers

Boston condo buyers

High demand and low inventory – combined with fears of rising interest rates – may well lead to trouble this year in the Boston housing market, Scott warns:

It’s a brew that almost guarantees that 2014 could see the return of the desperate buyer, that poor soul who is convinced of the need to buy into the market, at any price, or risk getting locked out altogether. …

From what I am reading, BREN readers are concerned about overly anxious buyers chasing prices up, ready to ditch inspection and even mortgage contingencies in their headlong pursuit to grab a house before rates and prices go up even higher.

Actually, we thought the crazy buyers had already broken loose from the housing-market asylum. Maybe it was just the minimum-security wing of the asylum — and now it’s the turn of the maximum-security patients to make their dreaded escape.

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Updated: January 2018

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