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I know many of my blog readers say I spin sales data and Boston condo stats ect. But I have to tell you, I’m just a virgin compared to Boston Great Rock Auction Blog. Here’s an excerpt on why the Beacon Hill Auction was, er, a failure. Or should I say bombed, no wait … was a major sucesss. Excerpt from their blog:

The goal and purpose of an auction marketing platform is to hold an actual auction and approximately 90% of the time, a sale is consummated on Auction Day. Quite strangely, as we have seen with the two Beacon Hill Auctions, a buyer surfaced and preempted the 25 Lime Street Auction by making a pre-auction offer that was acceptable to the seller. With 20 Brimmer, the market didn’t feel comfortable with the published minimum bid, thus, it was converted to a private sale. All of the buyers that have expressed interest in the property over the course of our marketing efforts will now, on an individual basis, be given a chance to privately communicate a price at which they are comfortable with.

Stay tuned…..

File Under: Yeah, I can’t wait for their next new blog post.

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