Today, I stopped by the Hill Tavern Pub before going home. I ended up in a discussion with “Chris from Dallas” and we were discussing the Obama – Roosevelt comparison regarding the need for govt. intervention to save the economy.

Chris from Dallas stated:

“You (John F) think FDR was a good President?  Let’s talk about the FDR and the New Deal, can we just  both acknowledge that the first New Deal didn’t work?” He added: “That the the biggest collapse in industrial production in history occurred in 1937, eight years after the stock market collapse of 1929, five years into the New Deal.” He went on to say, “FDR is the most over-rated President ever.” No stopping this guy, he went on to state. “Unemployment only dropped 2% while he was in office.”

I need my blog readers to help me. Does this Cowboy have his facts right?