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Three main factors that sell a Boston condo in 2023

Three Main Factors that Lead to a Boston Sale

According to the latest National Association Realtors (NAR) report, Boston condo buyers found their home they ended up purchasing by using these methods:

% of the timeWhere the buyer found the home they purchased.
91%Found the home online themselves, or with their friends, or their Realtor (typically using a local MLS system) found it online and shared it with them.
5%They already knew the owners of the home personally.
4%Due to seeing a yard sign or visiting an open house (combined).
Less than 1% combined.Magazine, Radio, TV, Postcards, Flyers, Newspapers, Other
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Excluded from the above results would be visiting a new Boston high-rise condo builder’s/marketing office (I’m only concerned about resale residential properties for this Boston Real Estate Blog Post).

Recent Changes from Past Reports on How Homes Sell.

The amount of Boston condo buyers that knew the homeowner personally has gone up a few percentage points since 2020 as the market turned red hot for sellers and home buyers became desperate to avoid the bidding wars happening in the public market. Other than that, this report matches the previous year, where open houses and yard signs combined only accounted for 4% of home sales nationally.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do is Improve Your Home’s Online Presence

We have multiple ways to ensure our client’s homes get viewed more often online. The home sales funnel is simple. Home buyers view it online, then they make an appointment to show the property. If they can’t find it online or it isn’t featured prominently on every website possible, you’ve lost out. If the Realtors that are searching for their clients can’t find it on their local MLS system of choice, you’ve lost out as well.

This is how Boston condo buyer shops for a home online.

As mentioned above, online is where it all starts. Then If they’re satisfied, they will make an appointment to tour that home, even if it means buying a plane ticket to go take a look. (The vast majority of home buyers still visit a home in-person before making an offer, but we are starting to sell more homes site-unseen. We put out all the stops for our client’s homes.

Sell Your Home Faster and For More

We typically charge 4% (includes the buyer’s agent fee). We also feature the home online and list it in multiple MLS systems. Then we also ensure the home has the best possible online presentation with professional photos, and staging advice. Finally, we top it all off with a cancel anytime for no charge contract. Licensed since 1999, my team has sold numerous Boston condos, buildings and single-family homes. We’d love to connect with you today! We can be reached several ways: Office 617-595-3712, cell/text 617-595-3712 or via email

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