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These are so obvious but still worth repeating, since a lot of sellers (obviously) don’t pay attention to them.

Why won’t buyers buy your home?

* It’s priced too high
* They can’t track down your listing agent to schedule an appointment. (This is so true, especially in Boston – try finding a real estate agent to show a property on a Saturday, or on a Monday. That isn’t static you hear in the background on the other agent’s phone – it’s the ocean.)
* Your home is in bad shape, or shows bad
* You post that your home is being sold “as-is” – what are you hiding, why are you being so stubborn?
* Ineffective marketing – no one knows about it

The biggest reasons your home won’t sell are #1 and #3. Both are easily remedied.

Having a bad agent – this is almost as bad. Don’t make it difficult on buyers.

Complete story: Home sellers hit roadblocks in today’s market – By Robert J Bruss, Inman News, by way of The Boston Globe

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Updated:  1st Q 2018

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