You may have heard about actor Randy Quaid and wife getting busted for squatting on a property they once owned, but I bet you didn’t know “mansion squatting” is going mainstream.

An article on MSNBC’s site by Bill Briggs documents the trend. Apparently, with so many multimillion dollar, large properties sitting vacant, squatters know these properties don’t get shown often — so they make themselves at home. Consider a few of the examples from the article:

  • A squatter in New Jersey moved in to a$3.3 million property and posted a note on the door: Privately owned property. Not for sale.
  • A Wells Fargo executive held parties on $14.9 million Malibu property — which Wells Fargo had foreclosed on.
  • In the tony west suburbs of Chicago, a squatter moved in to a $700,00 foreclosed home and even introduced himself to the neighbors as the new owner — for eight months.
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