In today’s Boston condo buying tips episode you’ll learn the top 5 real estate scams so you don’t get tricked!

With roughly 1.3M real estate agents across the USA (2018) most of us are on the up and up seeking opportunities to provide exemplary service with integrity. Yet, a small contingent of agents, those posing as agents, and other fraudsters seek to employ shady real estate tactics to trick people out of their hard earned money.

So this video has the top real estate scams to know about as you move forward with buying, selling or renting  a Boston condo. Over the past few years, real estate phishing has become more prevalent with increasing sophistication by scam artists. Beware that you may come across real estate scams on leading websites, such as:

1. Real estate scams craigslist

2. Real estate scams for sale by owner

3. Real estate scams on Zillow.

Fortunately, by following the advice in this episode about real estate scams to avoid, you’ll know exactly how to recognize when something is right and how to outwit con job.

Whether you are selling, buying or renting a condo, always google real estate agents to verify their reputation and work with a top trusted real estate advisor in your area to avoid issues with most of our largest investment, our homes.

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