As you probably read, this morning, there was a fire at 309 Emerson Street, in South Boston.

According to the Globe:

Boston fire officials confirmed the death of a second person in the seven-alarm blaze that tore through a historic condominium building on New Year’s Eve, leaving 18 families homeless.

Fire chief Kevin MacCurtain did not identify the second victim, a woman who lived on the first floor of the former Eaton Hotel where the fire began.

Although the Globe calls it “historic”, I wasn’t familiar with the address, so I looked it up in the MLS.

As mentioned, there are 18 units in the building; 16 are owner-occupied. The building was constructed in 1887; it was turned into condos in 1990. There was an elevator and the building was piped for gas.

Fire alarms and detection devices were installed in 1991, according to the city’s Inspectional Services Department’s (ISD’s) website.

There was a unit for sale, a top-floor unit, that was scheduled to close on December 27. (The unit was listed for less than it sold for, back in 2004 …)

Not sure if it happened, as scheduled, but just more information on this.

Tragic, to be sure, for those who lost their lives, and their families.

Second victim found in South Boston condo blaze – By Scott Allen, The Boston Globe

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