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Here’s me getting my first taste of Turkish Delight

IMG 2866

More interesting photos, after the break.

Okay, here’s an interesting little story. George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, lived in London in the early 1600’s. He wasn’t the most humble man. (He has been called ostentatious, licentious, and unscrupulous, the “Alcibiades of the seventeenth century”, in fact.)

He decided to name all the streets in the area near Charing Cross after himself. If you go to London, today, you’ll see a George Street, Villiers Street, Duke Street, Buckingham Street.

And, an “Of Alley”.

I’m not kidding.

IMG 3055

It took me four days to track down this spot. This is the outside of what became the Picadilly Relay mail station. It is no longer in use. Look familiar? It should. It used to be called the “Strand” stop, and you’ve recently seen it portrayed in the movie, “Prince Caspian”.

IMG 2988

Here is St Paul’s Cathedral, with the Millennium Bridge in the front.

IMG 2975

Sir Lord Norman Foster’s recently constructed office tower, affectionately nicknamed the “Gherkin”.

IMG 2858

City of London’s City Hall (with Telectroscope in front)

Few people are aware that there is a tunnel underneath the Atlantic Ocean, running all the way from New York City (in Brooklyn) to London, on the shores of the Thames River. It was built in the 1800’s. Through a series of mirrors, you can see what’s going on, 6,000 miles away. It’s quite fascinating.

IMG 2861

Here’s what we saw from London: the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

IMG 2864

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