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The Boston Courant has news on two new developments coming to the South End (or not).

First, there is an advertisement from the Boston Redevelopment Authority announcing a public meeting on a proposal to convert the building at 79 Chandler Street into 23 condominiums. (The ad lists the property incorrectly as being at 19 Chandler St, at the corner of Clarendon and Warren). I believe the property is the one at the corner of Cortes and Chandler, facing the Mass Turnpike. It was a rental building, previously.

In exciting news, the Bethel Tabernacle Pentacostal Church has apparently sold their church in the South End, with the buyer planning on putting up condos (not sure if they’d convert the building or tear it down, although the cost of that might be prohibitive). The church is known better as “Jesus Saves” due to those words written on a big cross, attached to the front of the building. It is located on Franklin Square, off of Washington Street.

Source: The Boston Courant (sorry, no website)

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Updated: January 2018

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