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How do CEO’s get away with it? If I write something on this blog and and 5 months latter I state the complete opposite, my bog readers would crucify me. But not CEO’s of major companies……

Citigroup CEO Vikman Pandit of Citigroup pushed a theme “Be big…Be global”  in August 2008 He stated:

We are in 107 countries and we believe the right model is a global, universal bank. It is the only model that creates value in emerging markets that have less developed financial markets”

The New ViKman Pandit of Citgroup now says:

Stay in only select countries, reduce exposure in Japan, split business into two core banking areas, and ramp up the shedding of noncore assets”

His new theme: Downsize. Stop the bleeding!

I have a vision that I would like to share with you regarding the comments of the CEO of Citigroup.

I’ll file this under one CEO eating crow.

 Source: Wall Street Journal & NY Post

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