Wondering what’s being built or going to be built in Boston?

Here’s an update on four projects, courtesy of the Albany Business Journal (?).

The Boston Redevelopment Authority’s records indicate a robust pipeline of planned projects — some 250 representing more than $12 billion in investments. Those projects would add 20 million square feet of residential space, 11 million square feet of commercial space, and 6 million square feet of institutional space to the city’s inventory …

… Towers that will come online in downtown Boston in the upcoming years include those at Russia Wharf, South Station and One Franklin Street.

Also discussed: Columbus Center, Trans National Tower, and the 20-story movie theater proposed for the South End (joking!).

Source: Up in the air: Given the economy, when will the skies above Boston see the long-promised development take place – By Mary K. Pratt, Boston Business Journal

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