I’m a unabashed fan of modern architecture and design. I am also in favor of exploring new ways to help improve our cities.

Tearing down a neighborhood only to replace it with horrific-looking buildings (and nothing else) is not a good solution.

Charles Swift over at The City Record and Boston Newsletter was cleaning some bookshelves and came across a pamphlet put out by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, in the late sixties, trumpeting the new “Government Center”, a development made up of 30 buildings, which replaced (and reconfigured) what used to be called Scollay Square.

Mr. Swift has a great photo of the proposed development, which includes buildings both built and unbuilt, plus he includes descriptions of each of the buildings.

If you live in Boston and want to know more about its history, I highly recommend his website.

More information: Government Center, Late 1960s/Early 1970s – The City Record and Boston Newsletter

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Updated: January 2018

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