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The Herald has a story this morning on how the FAA is thinking of relaxing rules for commercial uses of aerial drones.

One Lexington real estate agent is plowing ahead, FAA be damned:

Lexington Realtor Jonathan de Araujo has been using a drone to take aerial shots of properties he is listing since last summer, and the birds-eye view has quickly found a place in de Araujo’s real estate arsenal.

“The end result is just unparalleled,” he said. “Everything we can do to give a more positive impression means more people at the open house. The idea is to just give a better, more positive, a more thorough impression of what you’re looking at.”

The FAA’s now cumbersome rules are embarrassing. Aerial drones are now being regularly used in many countries across the globe, including in the usually over-regulated France, which has reportedly managed to establish common-sense drone rules on a single piece of paper.

The US is seriously falling behind in this commercial technology (and its benefits) as a result of the FAA’s regulate-first-and-ask-questions-later mentality.

We know there’s some major issues involved.

But if you keep drones out of airport flight zones, restrict how high they can fly (for the same safety reasons), and ban taking close-up photos/videos of properties without the permission of owners, you’ve gone a long way toward alleviating concerns — and we just ticked off some common-sense restrictions in one blog post paragraph, let alone a full type-written page.

File under: Bureaucratic frustration.

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Updated: December 2017

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