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I‘m hereby making these observations, based on no solid Boston real estate facts, but just my gut telling me that the real estate game is changing. I think from a Boston real estate agency point of view we’re in the eye of a real estate marketing storm. This storm wll ROCK the Boston real estate industry, like its never seen before.

Here are my thoughts: I think the “old dogs” those running Boston real estate offices who are 35  years or older, your best days are gone. I’m seeing a new group of young Boston real estate agents that are now transforming how we sell and buy Boston condos. Let me tell you something, the older real estate agent crowd (that would also include me), we better find out what they’re doing, or be left behind in their dust.

Here’s how I see the Boston real estate marketing rules changing:

1. Be a big player on Social Media or die.

2. Having several offices with numerous agents is no longer better.

3. If you’re not on the first page on Google or Bing….close up shop.

4. Any Boston real estate broker that doesn’t update his or her web site on a daily basis…you’re a loser

5. If you don’t have a Facebook page…get one and update it.

7. Be involved with LinkedIn on the social media website.

8. This might not surprise you, but I think if you’re in Boston real estate you NEED a Boston real estate blog, that’s updated daily. Okay, I might be a little bias on this one.

9. This one is not well-liked with my fellow brokers, but sometimes you need to do it, be willing to give up some of your broker fees to save a Boston real estate condo deal.

10. Buy good domain names. I just found one a few months back that was still available, the domain name since I bought that domain name it has led me to some of my best internets leads so far for 2011.

11. Never, never be involved with false PR – (public relations BS).  If the media calls you on your advice on the Boston real estate market (i.e Boston Globe) tell them the truth even it its bad news. People will respect you for it.

I must confess some of these bullet points that I outlined, I need to start working on myself.

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