Over the weekend, I watched the U.S Golf  Open. Afterwards, I was in remote control overdrive, clicking through channels, when I came across one of those real estate programs about searching for your first condo. These programs are fun to watch, but for the most part are unrealistic. To think that a Boston condo buyer will preview three condominiums, make a decision on one, have a smooth closing and move in within two months, unpack, decorate and invite the camera crews back. Wow!

The other problem with these real estate programs is that some first-time homebuyers may think this is the norm and fail to realize that, for the most part, it’s sheer fantasy. Presently, one of my agents is working with a first-time Boston condo buyer and they’re surprised that they haven’t found their perfect Boston condo after viewing 3 properties. Please keep this in mind: if you’re in the market as a Boston condo buyer, have patience and be persistent. It just may pay off. I’ve had several Boston condo buyers who used patience and time to their advantage — and as result saved thousands of dollars on both the purchase price and closing costs.

The other  interesting part of  the show was how the real estate agent conducted her showing. Apparently she just opened the front door, turned to the buyers and said: “Here, why don’t you go through the home and let me know what you think when you’re finished? I’ll wait here for you (on the street).” I’ve never heard of this happening in Boston. Where was the seller’s agent? Would the seller be very happy with his/her broker’s sales technique?  Here’s an idea for an episode that may increase ratings, The real estate agent gives the keys to the potential buyer and waits outside the front door, the potential buyers steals some valuables and walks out the back door.

Which leads to the question on how to show a property to a Boston condo buyer. I’m sure they are buyers who would prefer to view the property on their own and at their own pace. I guess this is one strong argument to view open houses on your own without a buyer’s broker. But a Boston buyers agent  can save you thousands of dollars. If you’d like to learn more on how a Boston buyer’s agent can be an advantage to you, please call one of my agents at 617-720-5454.

File under: Summer sales pitch. (Can’t blame me for trying — and it’s better for buyers than watching a dumb TV show about buying homes )

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