I didn’t realize this project was going to be so big.

Waterside Place will be a new mixed-use development in the heart of the South Boston Seaport District. The project sits on a 13 acre site and will be a 1.2 million square foot mixed-use development.

The project as proposed by the developer would include 640,000 square feet of retail mall, including retail shops, a grocery store, and restaurants; 209 residential units; a 300 room hotel; a 20,000 square foot visitor center; and 2,350 parking spaces. Parts of this may be next door, in a development called “Waterside Crossing”. (Question: what kind of visitors would need a visitors’ center?)

The development will be built between the Seaport Hotel and the Menino Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Ground-breaking is scheduled for late-2007.

Here’s a disturbing paragraph from the developer’s 786-page proposal:

As mentioned, the Project is compatible with the plans and planning goals of the City of Boston for the South Boston Waterfront. Although projects on Massport land are not subject to local regulation, the Proponent intends to work cooperatively with the City of Boston by voluntarily undergoing Article 80 Large Project Review and voluntarily seeking various permits and approvals.

Cool. One and a half million square feet of development, over which the city has no control, whatsoever!

The developer is The Drew Company and Urban Retail Properties Co. John Drew was the co-developer of the Seaport Hotel and the office building next door, along with Fidelity Investments.

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