Our popularity is growing…it appears that everyone is interested in Real Estate, whether buying, selling or just staying put. In an effort to further keep you informed, and to keep this blog updated, I am pleased to provide you with the insights, advice and wit of a new contributor to our Boston Real Estate Blog.

Rick Nazzaro has been servicing property sellers and buyers for over 23 years in the Boston, and Boston North Suburbs. He is a business owner, a marketer, and an invaluable negotiator. Rick has had the pleasure of working during the peak markets, and has overcome the challenges of difficult markets. In addition, Rick is a talented stager…and has provided his clients with expert advice on the matter, even before it was popular to do so.

As a licensed auctioneer as well, Rick brings to us some advise on short sales and foreclosures…sadly, a topic that we hear a lot about, but maybe do not fully understand.

We invite you to view Rick’s upcoming contributions to our blog, and welcome your input, comments and questions. Rick is looking forward to addressing the Real Estate issues that matter most to YOU!

John keith will continue to write for this blog as well.