I’m not going to complain about the state of our public transportation system in Boston. Too easy, plus it doesn’t really help the situation, does it?

I do have some general issues, though, that I’d like to mention.

I don’t see how it’s possible that suddenly someone, somewhere, decides that the Green Line Arborway Line should stop going all the way to Forest Hills, and it happens, without discussion.

I don’t like the Silver Line. I think it’s horrible. It’s like transportation from 1890. I honestly think you could walk from South Station to the entrance of the Ted Williams Tunnel faster than the Silver Line bus makes the route.

I thought I’d be happy with the bus line, at least from Dudley Square to South Station, but now I hate the idea. It was such a lost chance to do something great.

I think they should build a new subway line – called the Aqua Line.

I stole this idea – here’s what someone else proposes:

The waterfront area needs a new subway line – the Atlantic Avenue/Greenway historic streetcar line, like the F-Line in San Francisco.

It could be called the Aqua Line, and link the far reaches of Charlestown’s Navy Yard with the Fort Point Channel.

I would extend his/her idea, but having it go all the way to North Station, and extend all the way to South Station.

There was, of course, an old elevated line that went this route, back in the early 1900s (molasses flood, anyone?). It was torn down.

On a related note, the new Lechmere Green Line T station is having a groundbreaking, tomorrow morning, at 11:00 AM. This is exciting!

The new station will be on the other side of Cambridge Street, close to the new NorthPoint condo project (and Archstone apartments), I believe. Fancy.

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