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I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Saturday, I went with a client to see a multi-family home for sale in the South End.  It might surprise some people to know that there are still unrenovated properties in the South End.  This family had lived in the property for probably thirty-plus years.

My client was interested in turning this four-family into a two-family or even a single family home.  The “numbers” worked.  It was a cool building in a great block.

Then I took some photos of a property that a client wants to buy for his college-bound son.  Errr, my camera’s batteries were dead.  Great use of time!

Sunday, a client canceled on me, last minute.  We were going to see some lofts at some open houses.  Later, I went up to Lynn to see some open houses with a client.  The Sloan lofts are coming along; they’ve framed out most of the units.  The Keith building looks to be on schedule for an end-of-April completion date.  I also saw 31 Munroe, the new four-story conversion going on.  The first-floor unit is awesome!

Totally unique space.  Very dark, but very cool.  The upper floors are huge (1500 square
feet) and very conducive to loft living.  Open space, galore.

Um, that’s it.








Take a walk to Boston’s  South End. Founded by the neighborhood Chinatown and Back Bay  and  South Boston. The South End is the largest Victorian neighborhood in the United States and is a protected landmark district. Much what is now the South End was once marsh land.  Boston’s burgeoning population outgrew the original peninsula in the 1840s.

I like the area  because it it feels like a real neighborhood. I love it because it’s really so diverse. Small quiet narrow streets are
close to everything nice.It’s very convenient and easy to get in and out plenty of restaurants and it’s got a wide variety of things to do I work.

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