Below is a report of sales and listing activity for the past week.

Weekly Boston Real Estate Sales and Listings Update, May 20, 2005

Information is derived from LINK, the online database that is used by most Boston real estate agents.

New listings: 296
Back on market (listings that went under agreement but deals fell through): 11
Price changes (almost always downward, but some go up): 147
Under agreements: 150
Off market (variety of reasons, but sometimes these are old listings that never sell): 26

My opinion: Great week.  New listings went up, but part of that is because they released 20 of the 360 Newbury condos (and 124 Beacon Street, as well, although I don’t know what that is…).  Price changes increased; I think sellers may have realized they were asking too much, and have now reduced their prices, a bit.  Sellers don’t want to miss out on the hot spring market.

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