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So, the other day, there was a fire on Clarendon Street, in the South End. I stopped to watch the events unfold. Maybe six or seven fire trucks arrived. I think a fire had broken out on the rooftop of one of the apartment buildings – 57 Clarendon, I think was the address. No one seemed to worried, so I guess it wasn’t a big deal.

The street was chaos, though, because at exactly the same time as the fire trucks arrived, a couple of tow trucks were towing cars, because it was street-sweeping day. Two cars were already up on the back of a couple of flat-bed trucks when the trucks came barreling down the street, blocking traffic in all directions.

clarendon fire

I noticed a guy come buy who took a couple photos.

clarendon fire

I thought it was funny. I figured it was the guy whose car was being towed. Clever, I thought. He was going to take photos of his car, then say, “Hey, I couldn’t move my car in time for street sweeping, there was a fire on my street!”


It was the tow-truck driver. The one whose truck was blocked in.

He was taking photos of the car so that he could prove that he had towed a car. Because of course, he wouldn’t get his $100 towing fee unless the car made it to the lot, right?

I love city life!

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