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We’re busting our balls to rent this apartment

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We’re busting our balls to rent this apartment

Here’s a short story on why Boston real estate agents need to show courtesy to apartment renters, when showing their apartment.

So, the story goes like this:

‘Do you have the keys to Denise’s apartment, I was told I can pick them up at Ford Realty Inc., said Justin.

“Did you provided the tenant with 24 hr. notice? Because if you didn’t she’s a real British ball buster.” I said.

‘No.” Justin responded. I’ll just turn on the charm and she won’t be able to resist.’

‘Justin, this tenant she can be an angry British ball buster, be careful ’ I said. ‘Here are the keys to the Beacon Hill apartment.’

An hour later, I was walking down Charles St., and I saw Justin on his way back to my Beacon Hill office to return the keys.

‘How did Denise’s apartment showing go?’ I said.

“‘And why are you walking like that?’

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