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What Are the Best Places to Buy Real Estate Outside of Boston In 2021?

Despite COVID 19 lurking in the shadows, it is not an excuse not to invest. You should know that the best time to invest in real estate is now because prices have gone down due to the market disturbance. Among the cities that you should consider putting your investment in is New York. Apart from the US, there are places in Europe where one could invest and find some good deals. Firstly we will give a list of the best places to buy real estate in New York and afterward briefly cover European countries.

  1. Chappaqua

This place is situated in Westchester County and is among the best places to live in New York. The area has a population of about one thousand four hundred and fifty-nine people. Like Long Island, this area offers a suburban feel. Most of the residents here own their own homes while a few rent. If your goal is to find a home to raise a family, this area is the place to go as there are better houses and good families around. If you want to personalize the rooms and add some houseplants to the view, you can always use LED grow lights to help you in growing the plants easier and faster. A majority of the residents in Chappaqua are young professionals, retirees, and family-oriented people. Most of the people in this area are also conservative. The median home value for real estate in this area is about $639,400 whereas the median rent is about $2,694. Chappaqua also has some of the best public schools including Horace Greeley High School, Douglas G. Grafflin School, Robert E. Bell School, and the Westorchard School. Based on economic and ethnic diversity, Chappaqua is well balanced. All factors considered, Chappaqua is also another serene place to escape to!

    2. Long Island

This region is situated in Queens in New York City. The price of a home in this area is about $ 1,200 per square foot. So, how much does a home cost? On average, it goes for more than one million dollars. However, if you are interested in developing affordable property, you can have your NYC property management company provide you with a listing of homes on the east side. In this Eastern region, homes cost about half a million dollars which are approximately less than $800 per square foot. Properties in this region have been appreciating as more people move here because Brooklyn is priced out. Although, this region does not have access to the Long Island Rail Road that is why it is more affordable compared to other places. For instance, the average price for a home is in the range of $640,000 and $900,000 in the last five years. There is, however, room for this price to go up. Additionally, Long Island City is a chilled suburb and offers a pristine escape from the crowded city. Given the uncertainty of the post-COVID 19 future and the lessons learned from the pandemic, it would be ideal for you to be living in the suburbs than be cooped up in a small apartment in the city.

    3. The Upper East Side

This is the most desirable place to live in New York. The Upper East Side neighbors Manhattan and has the most expensive real estate. The place is said to have a tipping point of more than three decades. But, what does a tipping point mean? It is the measurement of how long you have lived in a place better at buying than renting. Despite the high prices, you can get good bargains. The Upper East Side is considered one of the best places to invest in New York City real estate as it is booming with luxury apartments. The average price for a home is about $1.8 million. Yorkville is one of the neighborhoods in the Upper East Side that is worth investing in given that it offers you access to the Second Avenue subway. Apartments in Yorkville go for about $1500 which is a great bargain. Lexington Avenue is also a good investment as the price for an apartment ranges from $2500 to $3000 per square foot. Compared to other places in New York City, the Upper East Side is safer. You can also find a broad range of amenities for families in this place.

     4. Europe

Europe is the dream place for many people, especially for Americans. France is among the most attractive countries to visit, live and retire. This beautiful country has everything, mountains, beaches, historic towns, and modern cities. People of all ages can find entertainment there. The best places to buy real estate in France are Nice, Bearn, Occitanie and Basque Country. The good thing is that there are no restrictions for foreign buyers interested in French property, there is of course only extra-legal documentation, however, everything else is easily done.

Another top property pick in Europe is the famous city of Barcelona in Spain. Many foreign buyers have been attracted to this place for one reason or another, be it for employment, arts, culture, sports, and food. There is interest from people all over the world such as international buyers from the Middle East and the United States, from Britain and Spain. The sales market keeps growing because Barcelona is especially distinguished for tourism and living or renting there would undoubtedly be a dream come true.

France and Spain being the most desirable destinations for buying property, there are also other names in the list, big countries such as Portugal or even smaller and less known ones like Turkey.


New York City is ranked among the best places to own property in the United States. The neighborhoods are desirable and you are allowed to charge rent regardless of the value of the property. Whether you invest in Long Island, Chappaqua, or the Upper East Side, you will get value for your investment. On the other hand, several European countries offer affordable prices, the opportunity to live in cultural places, and a worthwhile experience that will make up for your investment.

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