What credit score do I need to buy a Boston condo for sale?

One of the first things most credit challenged Boston condo buyers ask me when beginning their home search is: “What credit score do I need to buy a Boston condo for sale?”. I’m not a mortgage broker, so my typical response is: “it depends on many different factors” and “typically, at least a 600-620 credit score”. For many of them, this is music to their ears. You see, there are many potential buyers right on the cusp of being able to qualify, and they’ve been monitoring their credit for months while attempting to increase it.

Trended credit data

In the past, a credit score was one of the major deciding factors for determining whether or not a homebuyer can get a loan. Either you meet the credit requirement for the type of loan you’re seeking, or you don’t get the loan. However, the future of the lone credit score in determining a borrower’s eligibility for financing appears to be fading. In comes trended credit data, a more in-depth approach to evaluating a borrower’s past challenges, and future ability, to repay a loan & manage credit.


If you’re looking for a Boston condo for sale and want to determine whether you can qualify under these new credit requirements, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with a reputable lender. They can assess your current financial situation and help you determine if buying a Boston condos for sale is a possibility for you.