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I haven’t had a chance to read through all the press about the proposal to build a new City Hall in the Seaport District. I think it’s a good idea, if it gets us out of the current City Hall. Of course, it makes the seat of city government just about inaccessible to everyone. Is that important?

There are several big players in the development of the Seaport District. Joe Fallon, of course, new owner of Fan Pier (among other properties).

And, John Hynes, whose company owns 23 acres of land (now mostly parking lots).

Developer John B. Hynes III intends to fill the portion of the South Boston Waterfront he owns with blocks of six- to eight-story residential buildings and mid-rise commercial buildings, dotted with parks, shopping opportunities, and possibly a private school.

Hynes said the site would be a third each residential, hotel/retail, and offices. He plans a total of 6.5 million to 7.5 million square feet of development.

For some reason, our Mayor wasn’t pleased with this proposal.

“We can’t just have office, hotels, and condos,” [Mayor Thomas M.] Menino said. “It’s got to help create a new economy down there.”

I might be groggy from lack of sleep, but what else would we build down there? Stem-cell research lab? Wind-turbine factory? NASCAR racetrack?

Am I missing something?

Source: Hynes details waterfront plan; mayor is lukewarm – By Thomas C. Palmer, Jr., The Boston Globe

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