There’s something left out of this story.


I understand that apartments in New York City are expensive. I understand that some people are willing to pay rent to live there.

I don’t quite get why you would decide to rent a 265 square foot apartment, if you are two people, then continue to rent it, even after you have a baby.

And, then, spend $30,000 to renovate it. An apartment.

I like to think I’m open minded to just about anything, but really.

From the New York Times:

When Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan told friends late last winter that she was pregnant, they offered the obligatory congratulations. Then they asked when she was moving.

It was assumed that she and her husband, Maxwell, would have to go somewhere else. For four years the couple shared a 265-square-foot, one-bedroom rental on Bedford Street in the West Village, an apartment so preposterously miniature it could fit neatly inside the foyer of many apartments uptown.

I dunno.

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