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168 million emails are sent.
695,000 Facebook status updates are posted.
694,445 searches are conducted on Google.
510,000 Facebook comments are posted.
370,000 minutes are spent using Skype.
98,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter.
79,364 Facebook wall posts are submitted.
20,000 posts are created on Tumblr.
13,000 hours are spent listening to Pandora.
13,000 IPhone apps are downloaded.
12,000 new Craig’s List postings are made public.
6,600 new pictures/photos are uploaded to Flickr.
1,700 users download Firefox.
1,600 reads on conducted on Scribd.
1,500 new blog posts are posted. (Glad I could contribute!)
600 new videos are uploaded to YouTube.
320 Twitter accounts are created.
140 questions are answered between both and Yahoo Answers.
125 WordPress Plugins are downloaded.
100 new LinkedIn accounts are created.
70 new domains are registered.
60 new blogs are created.
50 users download WordPress.
1 new definition is added to Urban Dictionary.


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